Álvaro Croce.

Pilates instructor Álvaro Croce was born in Milan (Italy) on May 17, 1974 and Pilates became part of his life in 2005. While working as a ski and snowboard instructor, Álvaro suffered a back injury and looked for solutions to recover from this injury. He discovered Pilates and quickly appreciated the great results, which not only helped him to recover from the injury but also improve his sports performance. Since then the practice and teaching of the Pilates method became his true vocation.

Álvaro started to train as a Pilates instructor in 2008, as a student of Javier Beseiso (Gold PMA), studying mat and reformer training techniques and completing all the levels. After several seminars covering different aspects of Pilates, he decided to carry out a second complete training in 2014. He studied mat and machines at all levels, and was lucky enough to be taught by Rael Isacowitz, founder and president of Body Arts and Science International Pilates Education, completing the first BASI PILATES course in Spain which was taught personally by Rael.

He has been working as a Pilates instructor since 2009, giving private and group classes in the towns of Sotogrande and Marbella. In 2017, he decided to undertake a new challenge and open his very own Pilates studio in Guadalmina. This new studio features all the best machines and allows him to offer Pilates in all its different aspects. He focuses on individual training, under his direction and professional assistance to offer the best results for each person.

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