• "Pilates can and will enhance every aspect of your life"

    -Rael Isacowitz-

    Vista panorámica del estudio de pilates en Marbella Pilates One2One

Our Pilates Studio.

Located in the commercial area of the Guadalmina Alta Urbanization, Marbella, our Pilates Studio is located next to the Food Room. It is a minimalist space with an urban vibe, the best pilates equipment and offers the space and the atmosphere to make the student feel at home and receive the most personalized attention.

Where we are?.

Our Pilates machines.

What our customers say.

MariolaTraining with Álvaro is a fantastic experience. As well as having endless patience, he motivates you to give the very best you can – 100% recommended!
AnaI have many problems with my neck due to stress at work, as I travel a lot and am constantly rushing around. My friend recommended individual Pilates classes with Álvaro and now I wouldn’t change it for anything.
JuanjoWhen I heard about Pilates, I thought it was a workout for older women, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. Since I started training with Álvaro I have noticed that my flexibility and strength has increased and I am very happy with the results.
Esther11 months ago I became a Mum of twins and while it was hard to find time for myself, I mentioned to a friend that I wanted to start to get my figure back after the birth and she recommended Pilates with Álvaro and I am delighted with the results.